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At Outer Limits School, we offer an environment for children to grow, learn and play. Our teachers work hard each day, using developmentally appropriate practices to help your child prepare for school and life. Working in the early education field is both an honor and a challenge for both of us and we are proud of the commitment our teaching staff makes to our school and community.

The first thing we can do is recognize our role goes beyond basic safety and that we must do everything we can to prepare your child to succeed in school and life. We know from recent research that a child’s brain grows immensely in the first several years of life and that there are specific teaching practices we can use to encourage this.

When we know that forming strong relationships with children is possible only through having consistent, caring teachers in the classroom, we hire teachers who are available all week and ask them to teach in the same classroom each day. When we know that synapses in the brain are formed when children dance and paint at the easel, we can ensure children have many opportunities to paint. When we know some children have heard 10 million words upon entering kindergarten and others have heard 50 million, we can focus on having conversations and introducing vocabulary on a daily basis.

There is so much we can do collectively to help ensure children get a great start to life.  Thank you for joining us as we work together on this most important mission.

The best way to find out more about our school is to come in for a visit – no appointment is needed! Visit us anytime Monday – Friday, from 6:30am-6:30pm. We are located at the corner of Palo Verde & Ft. Lowell on the south side of Fort Lowell.

Thank you,

Debbie & Bill Berk
Owners & Directors

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