Waiting is Difficult

Waiting is Difficult
Our first blog post – let’s see how it goes!  As the title says, waiting is difficult.  It’s tough for children, but that’s actually not what I am writing about today.  Today I’m writing about how waiting is tough for adults.

As many of you know, Outer Limits is currently rated a Quality First 5 Star School.  We were rated 5 Stars after our first assessment a couple years ago.  We were, of course, thrilled to receive a rating that high.  At the time we were one of the first Tucson preschools to rate as the “Highest Quality”  and we are still one of a select few.  We know the rating came from hard work and well prepared teachers but we also know due to the nature of how the ratings work that we had a good day and a little bit of luck.  Quality First tells us schools that rate at 3, 4 or 5 stars all provide a quality experience for children.  We know that’s true, but we’re still happy to be a 5 Star Center!

It is now time for another assessment and we wait patiently for the assessor to arrive.  We know she will be here for two days during our three week window which began Monday.  Three weeks, however, is a long time to wait!  Everyday the teachers ask, “Do you think she will be here today?”  I can only smile and shrug.  Regardless of when she comes, we are ready.  Our teachers do great things everyday.  We know all about the CLASS assessment, the tool we are assessed on.  We’re confident that we will score well.  Will we stay at 5 Stars?  Who knows.  Our rating, and all the benefits and expectations that come with it, is highly dependent on a snapshot, a brief glimpse at our interactions and environments.  We know we are ready but when you work with children, anything can happen.

Do you want to learn more about Quality First and CLASS?  Let us know, we’re happy to share.



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