Initial Results!

We received an email the other day telling us our CLASS results were ready to view online.  Of course, the email came in 30 seconds before I had to go on a bus run and pick up children from school.  That was, of course, the longest bus run of my life!

Upon returning from the bus run and viewing our results I was ecstatic!  All of our CLASS scores exceeded the minimum mark to earn a 5 Star rating.  To earn the rating a school’s AVERAGE score must be above a certain number.  (The number varies depending on which dimension is being assessed.)  Our teachers did so well that the scores for each classroom exceeded the requirement.

When you see Ms. Dee and Ms. Elsa from the Gecko class and Ms. Bobbie and Ms. Natalie from the Quail class, please congratulate them.  They do wonderful work everyday and this really shined through during the assessment.

Our 5 Star rating is not official until the Quality First team reviews our polices, group sizes and ratios, but we are confident those will also meet the 5 Star, highest quality level.  Let us know if you have any questions – we hope you are excited to be a part of our continued success.

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