It’s the Little Things…by Maggie Christy

And, of course, it’s the little people most of all, that we are thankful to have in our lives.  Just the other day, in the Cottontail classroom, one of our littlest people was on his tummy a few inches away from one of his favorite toys.  He hasn’t quite started crawling yet so when he spied the toy in front of him we wondered what he would do.  He stretched.  He reached.  He wiggled.  Then he did it all again.  By that time, both teachers and the two parents visiting in the room had made a cheering squad for this tiny and persistent person.  I’m pretty sure that they heard us cheer in the kitchen and office when he succeeded in reaching the toy, grabbed it and then looked at all the friendly “giants” and grinned.  That’s why we come to work….

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