Be A Curious Person

Judy Jablon, author of the book Powerful Interactions, recently spent 4 hours with our staff.  We worked together on how to ensure powerful interactions occur between teachers and children throughout the day.  We know how lucky we are to have spent time with Judy and look forward to her return to Tucson so we can continue to work together.

Judy told us…..”Be a curious person in front of small children.”  It is important for children to see adults as learners.  It is also essential for adults to let children take control of their own play.  In fact, if I can quote Judy again, “The minute you start playing you undermine a child’s inventiveness.”

This doesn’t mean to stop playing with children; however, it does mean we need to pause and see where we fit into the play situation.  We can use phrases like “I wonder what would happen if….” to stimulate a child’s curiousity.  We can sit on our hands to prevent ourselves from placing the key block in the tower that we know will make it balance but that we want a child to figure out on her own.

We strongly suggest reading Powerful Interactions.  You child will be glad you did!


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