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Below is a post I wrote for the Strong Start Tucson website.  Please go learn more at

When I think about Strong Start Tucson I get excited.  I get excited because Strong Start Tucson will make a difference, not just in the lives of individual children but in the community today, tomorrow and long into the future.  I get excited because the idea of high quality preschool for all children is not something we just came up with.  I get excited because we know from research done by economists, educators and others that high quality preschool makes a measureable impact in eliminating poverty, ensuring children are successful in kindergarten, increasing high school graduation rates and even ensuring adults are employed and in committed relationships.

Never before have I worked on a project that will impact the community and our education system the way Strong Start Tucson will.  I feel privileged to work on such a project and feel honored to work with the leadership team of Strong Start Tucson.  As you learn more about SST you will learn how we studied other communities and their successes with accessible high quality preschool.  You will learn how we will build on the current early childhood system to wisely use tax revenue and, most importantly, you will learn all the benefits of a high quality early childhood system in Tucson.

Please help us as we share our vision for Tucson.  Let this become your vision for the community in which you live – a community where we work together to offer high quality preschool experiences to all children.


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