Following the Lead of the Children! – by Tricia Grogan

In the Quail room we have one year olds, so we never know where our art projects will  take us.  The other day we put contact paper down on a table sticky side up. The theme of the week was fall and harvest, so we put colorful fabric leaves on the table for the kids to put on the sticky paper. The children had fun sticking the leaves on the paper and even more fun pulling the leaves off the sticky paper. Some enjoyed throwing the leaves into the air and just looking at the leaves. One child brought over a container of crayons. At first I was going to say you can’t color on contact paper, but I stopped myself, opened the container and let them choose a color. You know what? You can color on contact paper!  They all had so much fun coloring on the contact paper! It was amazing how happy they were and how much they enjoyed all parts of the activity. This was a great reminder to us adults that following the lead of the kids takes us to wonderful places.

Contact Paper & Crayons

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