Rental Agreement For Bounce House

The tenant (client) rented by Bounce House Jumper Party Rentals as a landlord, a unique identifier: The above rental fees must be paid in advance from the start, rush hour and end time. If it turns out that one of the conditions of this agreement is unenforceable, illegal or unacceptable by a competent court, the other terms of the agreement will remain fully applicable. The tenant agrees to use the device according to the requested booking. If the tenant rents a wet/dry unit at a dry price, the unit must remain dry. The tenant agrees to provide the credit card information before the device is set up, and if a dry unit has been wet during pickup, the tenant agrees to charge his credit card for the rental price of the wet unit. If the tenant does not wish to provide credit card information, the tenant must pay in advance the price of the wet unit in the form of a deposit and the difference between wet prices and drying costs is refunded during pickup. If a dry dwelling is wet at the time of pickup, the deposit will not be refunded. Initials: This lease is the complete agreement between the landlord and the tenant (client). This lease contains the full agreement of the parties. All prior written or oral agreements that promise negotiations or assurances that are not specifically mentioned are recognized by the tenant. Lessor`s equipment is reliable, but should start emptying the device, immediately leave the driver out of the unit and check for one of the following conditions: 1) The engine has stopped; in this case, check the connection to the socket near the engine and if the device is inserted into the house to make sure they have not been cancelled, 2) If the engine continues to run, check an obstruction of the air intake screen on the side of the fan unit. Check both tracheas.

In case there is a loss of power, don`t panic; leave all drivers with care and speed. Make sure the engine is not removed or turned off. If the device has been removed because it has moved and removed the socket from the exit, its device is not secure enough. Check the piles or sandbags and make sure the children don`t play too wild (i.e. throw themselves against the walls.) If that`s not the problem, activate your backup or break field. Your circuit could be overloaded, try unloading the circuit and reconnecting it. If the engine is still running, check the air intake on the side of the engine to check for constipation, and check the blowing tubes at the inflatable unit to make sure they are securely attached. If the problem persists, please call 916-895-1508. The tenant agrees to keep the unit in the condition when it is received, with the exception of ordinary wear. Do not move the device from where it was installed.

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