This Phone Has Been Disabled Because The Lease Agreement

I rented this house under an agent. Each end of the month, a meter reading is made and the agents calculate the amount owed. Well, there has been a misunderstanding with the owner and the agent who are causing the owner to surrender his property. At the time I rented the house, I asked how I could get the water and electricity account, how the owner lived in the UK and I was depositing money into his account every month at the end, the answer was that because they bought the house, the municipality did not give them an explanation. With the means, I used to pay R800 to R1200 per month for water n electricity. When I started working with the owner, he didn`t start calculating with the meter. He told me to pay every month R1300 to cover the electricity, and that if the electricity is more than that, when the explanation finally comes out, he will cover the costs. It was good for me, because I didn`t want to owe him anything. I sent an e-mail to confirm it. It`s been almost three years since they bought the house and they say they don`t have a statement on water and electricity.

This worried me and I asked them to put a prepaid meter, but they refused to say that City Power did not give them the explanation and that way they can not install prepaid meters. I`ve lived in the house for two years. A month ago, City Power arrived and cut off the power to the house and I spent the whole month without electricity, but I paid the full rent. I contacted the owner several times, and he promised to take care of it. At the beginning of the following month, I asked him how much I had to pay for the rental, as there was no electricity, he told me to pay the rent money. Do I have to pay rent without electricity? Do I have to pay half or not? I have to withhold the rent money. Please let us know. Webinars for each branch manager in the country, led by AP and supported by RAC`s mobile training group, were the key to a successful introduction of DPP. This assumption was supported by the fact that the LP program opened a category of lucrative products that many stores had been reluctant to make. “They absolutely loved him and were eager to get it,” Peacock said.

“Part of their bonus is based on store profitability, and stores were anxious to rent more smartphones.” It`s understandable to get angry and confused, and not sure what to ask, am I quite targeted? There is no recovery, unless I will pay for someone else to rent a center to the right Even if the owner is not insured for this, the owner can still be prosecuted and liable for crimes committed in the apartment complex, such as thefts in cars where the owner has been negligent , such as repairing the garage safety door.

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