Agreement On Personal Information

I hereby acknowledge that the Organization has the right to provide my personal data to third parties if: except in the cases provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and this Agreement, the Organization undertakes not to communicate personal data of the user to third parties without the explicit consent of the user and not to exchange personal information of the user with third parties. (1) Requests for disclosure from customers, etc., have stored their personal data on the company`s website. (1) Method of receipt/response a) With regard to names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and any other personal data registered with the company (limited to data that the internet may disclose technologically), customers may log into their account on the site to demand the disclosure, rectification or addition of data or withdrawal of membership. b) Customers who cannot log in can contact the after-sales service. The customer service staff explains the registration process to you and checks, if necessary, whether or not the customer is registered as a member and if there are any errors in the registration information itself. But even in this situation, employees will not pass on registered personal data to the customer. (c) In principle, the entity will not respond to requests for disclosure, rectification or supplementation of information or removal by methods other than those described in clause (a) above. However, when a customer is in a situation where he cannot use the Internet, etc., the after-sales service proceeds to exit the membership procedure (only this procedure) on behalf of the customer. (2) The extent of data eligible for disclosure, etc. The data that can be disclosed, corrected or supplemented by registering in the account registered on the company`s website includes the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other personal data of the company (limited to data that the Internet may disclose technologically) recorded by customers on the company`s website. and withdrawal of membership can also be done by logging into the account. Customers who wish to request the suspension of the provision of information to third parties, the documentation of the purposes of use or the disclosure of additional personal data added by the entity, with the exception of the categories of data referred to in the previous paragraph, should contact the after-sales service. The procedures for submitting and receiving requests are based on the procedures described below (2) for requests for disclosure, etc., by customers who have registered their personal data in the company`s retail business, which is why please read this section.

Please note, however, that the company will delete questionnaire responses, etc. registration information for customers who withdraw from membership; Information about customers whose membership is related to violations of the affiliation contract, etc. these categories of data cannot be disclosed within a period of six months. (3) The fees charged for these services are not charged, but customers are responsible for paying the internet service provider`s fees, telephone fees and other expenses related to the request for disclosure, etc. . .

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