Autodesk Student License Agreement

If you subscribe to an offering, Autodesk may provide you with access to application programming interfaces, software development kits, tools, libraries, scripts, sample source code, and similar development hardware specifically for the use of that offering (“API” package). For APIs that Autodesk provides or provides to you, and subject to compliance with these terms and all payment obligations, Autodesk grants you, during the term of your subscription, a non-exclusive, non-grantable, non-transferable license to use such APIs only internally (i) in connection with and for your own authorized internal use of the offering for which the APIs were made available, and (ii) in accordance with the API documentation. Some APIs are subject to special terms and your license for the APIs is subject to those special terms. All APIs are confidential and owned by Autodesk and may not be disclosed or disclosed to third parties or used for any purpose other than as permitted in the API documentation and other requirements of these Terms (and any other use is not permitted). If you develop applications, services, modules or components using all or part of the APIs (together “your development”), you may use your development with third-party software or hardware (including porting your development to third-party platforms), but only if you remove from your development all api elements (including all API-based elements) and do not disclose your development, to provide, integrate or embody any part of the APIs and (b) to integrate or embody any part of Autodesk`s offerings or other intellectual property rights. If you want to use your development for a use other than your internal use with your offering (for example.B. for customers or users other than you), you need a separate developer license. Autodesk makes some of its applications available to students and teachers free of charge. You can find information about the information available under These terms do not apply to subscriptions (i) purchased before May 18, 2018, unless they are renewed on or after that date, or (ii) conditions on which Autodesk has agreed to provide maintenance for previously permanently licensed software. On the contrary, these subscriptions and maintenance agreements remain subject to their existing conditions, available under subscription and maintenance prerequisites. A360 services and other Autodesk web services that you access through a computer, mobile device, or other mechanism are offered in accordance with the Terms of Use (or Terms of Use or Services). *The free autodesk software is for personal use for educational purposes and is subject to the terms of the end user license agreement that is attached to the software download. .

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