Business Angel Agreement Template

Download the subscription agreement template A subscription contract contains details of the purchase price of your company`s shares. It also contains the assurances and guarantees that each party gives to each other within the framework of the agreement. (For more information about subscription agreements.) The first documents an angel will likely see when reviewing an agreement are a fall sheet and/or a business plan; I hope it is both. Typically, a dropsheet has a number of default transcripts and information is provided on a maximum of one or two pages. Titles can be: product or service, problem that is solved, competitor, market, team, finance. The business plan is a longer document, up to 20-40 pages, and details the company`s growth plan. A number of documents are required to conclude the agreement. The key is the subscription and shareholders` agreement. If the company is at a very early stage, other documents can also be completed, including the incorporation of the company, employment contracts, etc. Here you will find templates containing proposed provisions for these documents. The terms of a transaction are set out in a roadmap. The roadmap defines, as it proposes, the terms of an agreement.

It serves as a memorandum of understanding between the company seeking an investment and the investors. It generally has two functions: to bring together all the important financial and legal concepts related to the proposed transaction and to quantify the value of the transaction, both in terms of metrics and in qualified terms. It therefore determines the amount of the valuation of the company, the amount invested and the structure of the agreement. Often, the terms are divided into two categories: “economic rights” and “control rights”. Economic rights refer to such things are shareholder preferences and dilution protection and control rights include things like the composition of the board of directors and the main transaction limits. . . .

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