Carlisle Area School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

In 2012, Wilson Middle School denied AYP alert status. In 2011, the school reached the status of the AYP. [99] The attendance rate was 95% in 2010 and 2011. [100] In 2009, the Carlisle Area School District was identified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the least restrictive environmental monitoring. One hundred and eighty-six school districts were selected in 2008/2009. The district received a warning letter from the PDE – Bureau of Special Education. [189] School districts were classified into three categories: animal 1, animal 2 and animal 3. The district has been classified as “Other Settings” at Level 3. Surveillance is a product of the PDE, which is in charge of its voluntary implantation in Gaskin V Pennsylvania, which has ordered that special students spend most of their school day in regular classrooms with additional tools and services. [190] [191] [192] In 2010, the district remained on Animal Watch List 3. [193] Carlisle Area School District received the 2010 award. He cited the installation of a 1,000 kW photovoltaic system, which accounts for about 15 percent of the power consumed each year by the school district. This will save about $105,000 per year when taking into account the sale of 0.25 kWh renewable energy credits.

The school district received a $1 million award from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority and a $950,000 award from the Commonwealth Financing Authority Solar Energy Program administration. [258] In fiscal year 2009-2010, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania made available to the Carlisle Area School District a 5.12% increase in funding for basic education, to a total of $12,158,246. In 2009-10, seven school districts received increases of less than 6% for primary education funding. The shippensburg Area School District received an increase of 8.43%. In Pennsylvania, more than 15 school districts received a more than 10 percent increase in basic education funding in 2009. The Muhlenberg School District in Berks County scored the highest with a 22.31 percent increase in funding. In 2008-2009, the state base funding for the Carlisle Area School District was USD 11,565,596.80. [251] The state`s harmless policy of public funding of basic education continued when a district received at least the same amount as the previous year, even though enrollment had declined significantly.

The amount of the increase received by each school district was set by Governor Edward Rendell and Gerald Zahorchak, then Minister of Education, as part of the state budget proposal presented each year in February. This was the first year of Governor Rendell`s policy of funding some districts with a much higher rate than others. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 1,136 students qualified for a free or discounted lunch due to low family income in 2008. [252] In a 2013 public audit of the district, the PA auditor cited the district to add certain reimbursements to the employee`s salary for retirement purposes. . . .

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