Delta Fish Agreement

While the recent proposal for state voluntary agreements in the Bay Delta leaves many questions unanswered, the first analysis shows a deeply worrying direction. Decades of unsustainable water diversions have threatened several salmon streams and other native fish species with extinction, climate change – more frequent and severe droughts, higher temperatures, reduced runoff – exacerbating the challenge we face as a state. The request for a new hearing argues that a waiver is not warranted, given that, unlike the Hoopa Valley decision, there was no written agreement between YCWA and the State Board not to process an application for 401 certification. The protocol does not show that the State Water Board was unwilling to respond to YCWA`s request 401 after YCWA submitted the CEQA document, which was a prerequisite for the State Water Board`s action. The State Water Board`s certification project would require PG&E to improve water temperatures in the North Fork Feather by releasing more water into the river in the summer rather than bypassing the flow through PG&E`s superior electrical system. The certification project abandons the idea of a “thermal curtain” on Lake Almanor. The thermal curtain was a proposed technical addition to PG&E`s electricity absorption, which residents and fishermen have generally denigrated because of their impact on trout fishing in Lake Almanor. In the play, Newsom the plan “would significantly increase the amount of water needed that flows through the rivers and delta” over a 15-year period “and add 60,000 hectares of habitat for fish species. Finally, the State Water Resources Control Board is required to establish water quality standards that protect public resources. The board knows its current standards are insufficient and has been trying to update them for 12 years, and new river targets adopted in 2018 have yet to be implemented. Instead, everything has been put on ice for the benefit of negotiating these failed voluntary agreements. On May 16, 2008, the U.S.

Bureau of Reclamation and the California Department of Water Resources have asked the service to launch a consultation on long-term Criteria and Plan (OCAP) operations for the coordination of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project, particularly with respect to the Delta Stem and its critical habitat. . . .

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