Dubai Land Department Lease Agreement

No, they can`t. Once the property has been rented, the lessor can only enter the premises with the permission of the tenant, unless the lease contains an access clause that allows something else. Simply put, the Dubai lease agreement is a legally binding agreement that allows the tenant to use a property for a set purpose and for a specified period of time. The contract describes all the rental conditions and the expectations and requirements mutually agreed between the parties. A formal lease in Dubai helps to avoid misunderstandings and future disputes that may arise. The most recent resolution, which sets royalties for the DLD, is Executive Council Decision No. 30 of 2013, which states that the fee for registering a long-term inheritance tax is 4% of the “total value of the lease” which is discussed below. Often, a long-term lease is subject to a premium received by the lessor, followed by a lower annual rent for the remainder of the rental period. Alternatively, a long-term lease cannot have a premium, depending on what has been agreed between the parties, and the annual rent increases throughout the life span. The question that arises is therefore how this 4% registration fee is calculated in practice. The lessor must send the tenant 90 days` notice by registered letter before the expiry of the contract if he wishes to make changes to the existing contract.

In the meantime and in practice, RERA accepts rental contracts with a maximum duration of 5 years, which can be registered in the Ejari system. A grey area was therefore emerging before the resolution, where leases with a duration of more than 5 years but less than 10 years had to be registered. There was no clear guidance on this in the legislation and we believe that the resolution was issued as part of an attempt to eliminate this grey area. The fee for a rental agreement recorded in the Ejari system is currently a flat-rate fee and not linked to the rental value of the rental agreement. At the time of writing, the AED fee is 160, plus the writing fee of AED 35, for a total of AED 195. Again, the notice period and the amount of the fine to be paid in the event of early termination of leases in Dubai depend on the termination clause contained in the contract. If there is no termination clause, the tenant gives a lot at least 60 days notice. The amount of the fine depends on the owner. The document “Tenancy Contract Draft Dubai” is written in a Microsoft Word file (.docx extension) and can be completely reworked in each part. In fact, you can add, modify, delete clauses based on the specific needs of tenants and owners.

Ms Word file can be printed and signed. The model contract is comprehensive and contains the most commonly used clauses and practices in Dubai with respect to the rental of real estate. The document is divided into 7 sections: general conditions, obligations of the tenant, obligations of the lessor, renewal and termination of the contract, ejari registration, applicable law, remarks. Once you have designed the lease in Dubai, the parties must sign it in front of a witness for the contract to be valid. Dubai Land Department considers the following groups of people to be official signatories of leases in Dubai: Mohammed Ahmed Yahya, Deputy CEO Rental Affairs Sector, DLD, said: “The acceptance of the single rental form is part of our ongoing efforts to anchor principles of transparency and benefit all parties in the real estate market. . . .

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