Sample Delegation Agreement Physician Assistant

D. Unless otherwise provided for in this Regulation, a delegation agreement, where it involves the delegation of one or more advanced tasks, shall contain the following additional information and documents: the Acompts and PSPs shall submit to the Committee the completed delegation agreement and the appropriate fee. The Board does not accept faxed delegation agreements or walk-ins. The Board is no longer required to approve a delegation agreement before the PA takes office if the delegation agreement does not contain advanced tasks. E. Where a delegation agreement includes the delegation of general anaesthesia or neuro-axial anaesthesia, the delegation agreement shall contain all the information referred to in the Regulation. B. The delegation agreement must contain the following information: for existing delegation agreements, caring physicians may keep a written description that verifies the practice of the medical assistant in the health institution. C. As part of the delegation agreement, the primary caregiver must issue the following certificates: The PA may start work as soon as the office has received the delegation agreement and confirmed its receipt in writing. Office staff send confirmation letters by email to the AP and PSP.

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