Stamp Duty On Loan Agreement In Punjab

Rental agreement or service agreement, see CONVENTION (No. 5). 20. Conversion of the amount expressed in foreign currency. 21. Shares and negotiable securities as they will be valued. 22. Effects of indicating the exchange rate or average price. 23. Interest Rate Hold Instruments. 23A.

Certain mortgage instruments on negotiable securities must be remunerated as agreements. 24. The manner in which the transfer is invoiced against debt relief or subject to future payments, etc. 25. Valuation in the case of a pension, etc. 26. stamp if the value of the object is not determined. 27. The facts relating to the obligation are set out in the act. 28. Mandatory information for certain transports.

Note that if there is a mutual exchange of ownership in a family, executors must pay Rs 900 as stamp duty.

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