Bill Berk

“Mr. Bill” admittedly didn’t know what he was getting into when Debbie and Bill bought their first child care center, Children’s Choice Early Learning Center, in 2003.  Bill’s background in teaching high school math, working as the associate director of a summer camp and working with children at a psychiatric hospital prepared him for working with children from a variety of backgrounds, but he quickly learned that the early childhood world has different expectations and pressures.

Now, after fifteen years of ECE experience, after earning a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from NAU and after surrounding himself with good people, Bill feels comfortable in a leadership role in the local ECE community.  In June 2012 he finished a four year term as a council member of the First Things First Central Pima Regional Partnership Council, he continues to serve as the Vice President of the Arizona Early Childhood Education Association, serves on the Policy Commission for the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education, is the Chair Elect for Child & Family Resources and is the President of Early Childhood Development Group, a non-profit agency that provides early childhood professional development in Pima County.

Bill works hard to bring excellent teachers to Outer Limits School and is always trying to improve the quality of care at Outer Limits and other centers in the community.  Be careful when you ask him about the status of early childhood education in Arizona – you might get more than you bargained for!