Starr Lee

Starr began working for Outer Limits in 2010 in one of our preschool classes.  After taking a short break to explore other options, Starr returned and has been a fixture in the Javelina room since her return.

In addition to being a full time teacher and a full time mom, Starr is also a student at Pima College studying early childhood education.  She is over 50% done with her early childhood degree and looks forward to her graduation day and the celebration that will follow.

When you take the time to talk to Starr you will learn her mind is always thinking about ways to help her children be more successful in the classroom. She tells wonderful stories and consistently relates examples of children’s behavior to what she learns in her classes at Pima.

Starr is an exceptional early childhood professional and we hope to have the privilege of working with her for many years to come.