Dora Ross

Dora and her husband moved to Tucson in early 2016 and she started working at Outer Limits soon after arrival.  Ms. Dora’s adventurous spirit has taken her to many communities across our country and several in Arizona.  In fact, she graduated with a degree in elementary education from that small school 90 minutes north and west of us up I-10.

Ms. Dora has a passion for children, for dogs, for nutrition and for the great outdoors.  When not at Outer Limits you might find her exploring local natural wonders such as Mt. Lemmon.

Ms. Dora told us in her interview that education starts with a relationship with each child.  She believes strong relationships lead to learning and we couldn’t agree more.  We’re thrilled Ms. Dora is part of the Coyote teaching team and appreciate seeing her smile each morning.