Victoria Jaime

Ms. Vickie joined us in August of 2016.  We love having her around and the Owls benefit everyday from Vickie’s experience and love of children.  Prior to Outer Limits, Vickie worked with children of all ages at 2 different preschools, working as the assistant director of a program before joining us.

Vickie prefers working with infants and toddlers.  One reason she loves the Owl age group so much is that they are learning at such a rapid rate.  We knew she would be a good fit when, during her interview, she stated she enjoys helping children turn frustration into learning.  (Not that children ever get frustrated while at Outer Limits!)

Vickie has proven herself to be patient and calm.  She is a teacher who helps children learn to communicate with peers and adults and someone who clearly enjoys interacting with her children.