With Outer Limits School you can take comfort in knowing your child is in a program accredited by the The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC)

Without a doubt the thing that makes Outer Limits special is our staff.  Most preschools refrain from posting information about their teachers because high turnover would force their webmaster to constantly update their website.  On the other hand, we feel extremely comfortable telling you about our teachers, their qualifications and their history with our company.  We challenge you to look around Tucson, it is unlikely you will find another group of teachers as dedicated to their school and their craft.

Owners & Directors
Debra Berk & Bill Berk
Assistant Directors
Blanca Bergeron 
Minerva Navarro
Cottontail (Infants)
Maggie Christy
Sara Fikes
Onica Robert
 Quail (One Year Olds)
Patricia Grogan
Naomi Ridgely
Liz Flores
Javelina  (Two Year Olds)
Danielle Dietz
Starr Lee
Jacquie Ramirez
Owl (Two & Three Year Olds)
Victoria Jaime
Elizabeth Pecjak
Elsa Owin
Gecko (Three & Four Year Olds)
Jessica Thomas
Dee Curry
Jackie Murillo
 Coyote (Three & Four Year Olds)
Dora Ross
Gina Villarreal
Sylvia Valdez
Roadrunner Class (Four & Five Year Olds)
Laura Lane
Miguel Razura
Helen Johnson
Mountain Lion Class (Kindergarten – Fifth grade After School Enrichment and Summer Program)
Katrina Ahart
Kathleen Kelley
Leah Nelson
Lucia Orozco
Maria Lopez