April 1, 2019

Dear Families,

What happens when a POLICE CHIEF, a COUNTY SHERIFF and a retired ARMY GENERAL get together?  They talk about preschool, of course!  Sounds like a joke – doesn’t it?  But, you know it is not a joke because they were all here a month ago giving a press conference on the importance of early childhood education.  The press conference was covered by two tv stations, the Daily Star and the Tucson Weekly and has generated quite a bit of coverage.  In fact, the Star continues to print articles and editorials about the importance of preschool and more will be published over the next few weeks. 

We feel lucky to have all this positive press coverage as Pima County considers making an investment in preschool by funding a limited number of scholarships for 3 & 4 year olds next year.  You will see coverage about the Pima County Preschool Investment Program over the next few weeks.  PCPIP will make a huge difference in the lives of young children without a tax increase!  We need your help!  Will you join us at a Pima County budget meeting the morning of May 14th?  Our goal is to simply pack the room – you won’t need to say anything – your presence in the room will be enough.  Please let me know if you are able to join us for this.  Need a ride?  Just ask!

It is finally happening!  Make Way for Books’ Raising a Reader program will begin Tuesday, April 9th here at Outer Limits.  This class, which meets weekly (6:30 to 7:30) for 4 weeks, gives parents the tools they need to help their children achieve their dreams!  Come learn about instilling a love of reading and so much more in your children.  Please sign up in the office if you are interested.

Next month we will tell you all about our summer program and pass out permission forms for class swim and swim lessons.  Mountain Lion families – we need to know this month if you will be joining us for the summer.  We have a tremendous amount of interest in our summer program and would like to know who plans to be here this summer.  Please turn in the attached form this week so we know if we will have any openings for the summer.


Speaking of openings, we currently have 4 openings for infants born this coming summer that will open up between August and January.  We also have one opening for a young 1 year old in August.  Aside from that, our classes are completely full for August.  Thank you so much for being part of our school and passing on the benefits of Outer Limits to your friends and co-workers.  We are keeping a waitlist of interested families – if you know you will be leaving us please let us know so we can enroll someone from our waitlist when the time is right.

ASHLine is the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline and helps people in Arizona quit using tobacco for free. Since 1995, they have helped thousands learn how to live tobacco-free lives.  ASHLine offers free coaching, medication and resources.  You can reach them at 800-556-6222.

Summer is coming – Summer is coming!  Please consider dressing your child in layers so he/she can remove clothing as it gets hotter.  You may also want to send a hat to school for your child to wear while outside.  Reminding your child to drink water throughout the day when you drop off is also quite helpful.

Thanks so much for being part of Outer Limits.  We look forward to seeing you at the Raising a Reader classes!

Blanca, Minnie & Bill


Pima County Sheriff Napier reports on the importance of high quality preschool at Outer Limits. 


Sheriff Napier says when you invest in early education, you invest in the criminal justice system.  “Because today we probably have about 1900 people in the Pima County Jail, I would estimate that a large percentage of those have not been privileged with respect to early education, and that is a pathway to future criminality.”

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