Dear Families,

Did you notice the book library in the office?  Thanks to Ms. Blanca and her family we now have a beautiful little free library.  Please take the books you find in the library home to read and enjoy.  No need to bring them back.   The books are free to encourage you to read daily to your children.

School Age Families:  We will have teachers here for all upcoming school vacations.  No need to reserve a spot ahead of time – we plan to see you here!

Picture Day!  Lifetouch Portraits will take your children’s pictures on October 27th and 28th.  Pictures will be taken of every child unless we hear from you that you do not want them taken.  You can decide to purchase the pictures after you see how they look.  In other words, there is no commitment!  We will not take pictures of our school age children since they have pictures taken at their elementary school.

Monday, October 23             Cottontail, Owl, Coyote, Roadrunner

Tuesday, October 24             Quail, Javelina, Gecko

We will start with our youngest children at 8 and work through the classes as listed above.  You are welcome to be with your child during pictures but this is not expected or required.  Are you interested in helping during picture day?  Let us know.

We will spray the perimeter of our property for weeds on Friday, September 22nd.  We will not spray on the playgrounds and your children will be inside while we spray.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Many of you know we have been working on a citizen’s initiative called Strong Start Tucson.  Voters in the City of Tucson will be able to vote YES on Proposition 204.  This will raise the sales tax a small amount (a penny on a $2 ice cream cone) and will decrease the cost of preschool for all City residents.  Strong Start Tucson will ensure almost 8000 additional children have access to high quality preschool within Tucson.

We really need your help ensuring Proposition 204 passes.  Our community recognizes that every child deserves a strong start in life and high quality preschool is just what the doctor ordered.  You will see our teachers outside sometime soon asking you to fill out reminder cards to vote and helping you register to vote if you are not already registered.  Please take a few minutes with us this week and be sure to vote when you receive your ballot by mail at the end of next month.

Strong Start Tucson is hosting a family “Ice Cream Social Justice” event on October 7th.  Please join us for ice cream, caricature drawings from the Daily Star’s David Fitzsimmons, book readings and more.  The event will be held from 10 – 12 at Literacy Connects, 200 E Yavapai Rd, just East of Amphi High School.  Ice cream will cost you a penny – the same as the tax increase on a $2 ice cream cone once Strong Start Tucson passes.

You might know many of our teachers have degrees or certificates in early childhood education while many others are currently in school.  In fact, almost 10 of our teachers are involved in a yearlong community of practice called Project BEST.  This program focuses on meeting the fundamental needs of infants and toddlers in group care settings through six essential program policies: primary care; small groups; continuity of care; individualized schedules and routines; inclusion; and cultural sensitivity and responsiveness. We’re thrilled they are dedicating their time and energy to this and look forward to incorporating what they learn.

Early childhood research tells us children get the biggest impact out of preschool when they attend regularly and attend for full days.  In fact, preschool and kindergarten attendance correlate strongly with 3rd grade reading scores.  (  Those of you who have your children on a set schedule are providing huge benefits to your children.  That being said, we also know time spent with family is also of great importance.  Check your own schedule – if there is something you can do to prevent your children from being at school more than 9-10 hours, try to do that.  Take your child to the park after school.  Walk the dog together in the morning.  Seek out ways to increase the quality time you spend together – you will be glad you did!

Thank you for walking your child all the way to the classroom and saying hello to the teacher.  It is not ok to send your child to the classroom on his/her own.  Mountain Lion parents – please be sure to sign your children out in the office before (if you choose to) driving around to the back to pick them up.  Thanks!

We will schedule parent conferences in November for parents interested.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Take care,

Minnie, Blanca & Bill

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